“Let’s fall in love” Album

First album produced on the road in between Europe and New Caledonia with many great artists from all over the world: Miss Bridget Walsh (NZ), Rayna (Italia), The Sweet Life Society (Italia), Luca Scaggiante (UK), Mart One (France) and many artists from New Caledonia : Clem Cerneaux, Yann Uregeï “Ekoten”, Marie Laure Scheercousse, Manu Bideaux, Michel Acapandié and Mat Wush.

A myriad of styles, in an exquisite Vintage mixing pot of Soul, Blues and Swing influenced Disco, Breaks and Hip Hop ! Mortisville, Melbourne

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Back in 2014, I decide to leave Europe. In few months, I will go back to New Caledonia where I grew up. Summer 2014, I  travel all over Europe, select ideas and share them with my friends, musicians and singers. I record on the road using a laptop, a soundcard and a single microphone. I spend some time in the french Alps with la Sherpa family and take time to think about the album concept while enjoying beautiful nature.
In September, I spend two weeks in Venezia with a music producer named Stabfinger. Within this time period I get a better idea of what I want for the album. I get to see how my friend works and get a lot of inspiration from him.
In december in fly back to New Caledonia after 16 years. The small country has changed a lot and music is everywhere : kaneka (local music), reggae, hip hop, electro … exciting!
In 2016, I settle in the countryside and become a music teacher in a small village. I work hard on the album and hopefully get a lot of inspiration from the kids at school. I spend a lot of time with my guitar into nature, composing and re-arraging some tunes. The album is nearly there, but not yet what’s on my mind.
Ultimately… 2017! I settle down in Nouméa and finish my album. I’m back again behind the desks and enjoy to select good music after few years off. I also work on bringing the album on stage.

Really impressed man, such a great listen. Until now I didn’t hear beginning to end unbroken, but now! Simply great. It reminds me a lot of the things I used to DJ & listen at home, a lot of early inspirations in there. Super dope, I like it a lot! Top work maestro. Sumosui, Auckland

similar artists, influences …

Wax Taylor, Quantic, Marvin Gaye, Proleter, Parov Stelar, De La Soul, Bob Marley, Louis Armstrong, Boogie Belgique, Jurassic 5, D’angelo, Miles Davis, Nicolas Jaar, Billie Holiday, The Roots, Flanger …

tracklisting (37’13)

01. glow around you feat. miss bridget walsh
02. us, ourselves and we feat. mart one
03. I miss you
04. my baby, please
05. swing or die feat. rayna
06. my mother is dead
07. brand new t-shirt feat. the sweet life society
08. interludic feat. mart one
09. where are you ?
10. let’s fall in love
11. walk the road feat. clem
12. polkadot dress feat. luca scaggiante


Artwork by Stéphane Foucaud
Produced & Mixed by Julien incontroL
Mastered by Bob Katz, Orlando, USA
This album was made thanks to the support of la Province Sud de Nouvelle Calédonie



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